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          產品簡介 Product Profile


      In the design of hydraulic transmission systems for some special applications or prospective research projects, designers may encounter the difficulty of having no suitable hydraulic components to choose from. When the general hydraulic components on the market can not meet the needs of client, the company may be able to provide complete sets of solutions, customize and develop the required hydraulic pump/motor, valve, cylinder and other supporting hydraulic components.



      Clients only need to provide detailed requirements when ordering products, not limited to the cases listed in this article.


      When customizing hydraulic pump, motor or cylinder, if there is no stock, the MOQ is generally not less than 10 pcs.

      ? 液壓閥通常僅隨集成設備一起提供,不接受單獨訂貨,大批量訂單除外。

      The company does not accept individual orders for hydraulic valves, except in large quantities.

          HYC-VRCB1 溢流&平衡閥 Relief & Counterbanlance Valve

      ? 專為EHA研制,在優化EHA性能的同時,簡化了液壓回路,有利于EHA的小型化和輕量化 

      Specially developed for EHA, it optimizes the performance of EHA while simplifying the hydraulic circuit, which is conducive to the miniaturization and lightweight of EHA 

      357fc2dc3fd162a4378e67c7ad75d0d.png? 適用于EHA的位置保持,以及保證負負載工況下的平穩運行 

      Suitable for EHA's position holding and smooth operation under the negative load 

      ? 平衡閥開啟壓力與泵的背壓壓力無關 

      The opening pressure of the valve is independent of the back pressure of the pump 

      ? 通過更換先導閥芯可獲得不同的控制比 

      Different pilot control ratios can be obtained by replacing the pilot spool 

      ? 額定流量 Rated flow:15LPM 

      ? 額定壓力 Rated pressure :30MPa 

      ? 控制比 Pilot control ratio:3.8;6.8 

      ? 重量 Weight:140g



      Comparison of EHA hydraulic circuits using conventional counterbalance valves and relief & counterbalance valves

          HYC-VFM1 流量匹配閥 Flow Matching Valve

      ? 適用于執行機構為非對稱油缸的EHA,標準閥板式安裝;


      Suitable for EHA whose actuator is asymmetrical cylinder, the standard valve is plate-mounted;  

      According to the needs, the spool can also be embedded with the pump's cover 

      ? 額定流量 Rated flow:5LPM 

      ? 額定壓力 Rated pressure:30MPa 

      ? 標準閥重量 Weight of standard valve:340g

          HYC-VRHS1 助力模式自動切換閥 Automatic Switching Valve with Power Assisted Mode

      8bab60be407c3c47bd69e19378032e4.png? 為外骨骼研制,兼有自動換向閥和安全閥功能 

      Developed for exoskeleton, and functions as both an automatic reversing valve and a safety valve  

      ? 額定流量 Rated flow:5LPM 

      ? 額定壓力 Rated pressure:30MPa

      ? 重量 Weight:22g

      ? 液壓閥通常僅隨集成設備一起提供,不接受單獨訂貨,大批量訂單除外  

      The company does not accept individual orders for hydraulic valves, except in large quantities

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